Join Quinn Gallagher on her latest and most thrilling adventure yet on the high seas in  "Dead Man's Chest,"   the fifth installment of The Plundered Chronicles!


If the Croatoans on Roanoke don't kill her, one of the many women in Captain Quinn Callaghan's life will.

Heading to the New World to bring a mysterious box to Lady Killigrew's sister, Quinn and her shipmates face dangers unlike any they have ever encountered. The journey alone is fraught with perils, but what they find ​when they land in Roanoke is enough to chill even a hardened pirate's bone.

But this delivery is barely less dangerous than the women in Quinn's life - a couple of whom wish to see her dead while another reunites with her. As Quinn is forced to recognize the eventual collapse of Ireland as well as the end of some of her deepest friendships, she makes a decision that will alter the fate of both her life and her crew's.

In this fifth installment of The Plundered Chronicles, you will be taken on a ride that will leave you breathless with every turn of the page as Quinn struggles to keep her men, her women, and herself alive.​

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Award-winning author Alex Westmore lives in a haunted house, has a raging empath for a best friend, and eats up paranormal experiences with a huge supernatural spoon. 

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