About Alex

Alex Westmore lives in the beautiful Palm Springs area amid bright pink bougainvillea and clear blue skies. When not writing or teaching, she is the caretaker of a menagerie of rescue critters such as an 80 pound Sulcata Tortoise, a 25 pound desert tortoise, 2 Bearded Dragon lizards, an Australian Tree Frog, a Milk Snake, and a 20 year old water tortoise. It’s a full house, to be sure, but it is one filled with love and happiness.

Alex is a five-time award winning author of several series, from zombies to demons to empaths, to pirates. When she isn’t writing, she is traveling around the world collecting stories. She has raced an ostrich, ridden an elephant on safari, jumped from a plane, raced catamarans in the Caribbean, floated a bamboo raft down  Thai river, zip lined through the rainforest, and so much more.


Being a story collector in what Alex is.

Writing those stories is what Alex does. 

Join Alex on her next amazing adventure…you will be so glad you did.