Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have a story brewing inside of you, but you're not sure where to begin or how to proceed with it? In this interview, Esmee (A.K.A Girl_With_A_Bookshelf) delves deep into the inner workings of Alex's ingenious and innovative mind, asking questions about her history with writing as well as her creative process.

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The Handler

So, if you are one of the smartest ones, you signed up for my newsletter and will be receiving a free story from me. Now, it’s been forever since I wrote a short story, but I had soooo damn much fun with Murphy aka Umbra Mortis that I recently finished the first... read more

Rita Mae Brown

So I was tapped by the Executive Director to assist RMB at the conference. It was a task others might have found daunting, but I was thrilled. I knew I was up to the job…that I wouldn’t go all fangirl and embarrass myself or bore her to tears with the... read more

You Never Tire…

of celebrating a book launch. I imagine it is like having a child. Yes, that first one is special, but aren’t they all? And when you breathe life into them and they come to life, they are, at that moment, the epicenter of your universe. That’s how I feel... read more

Darkness Descends

Darkness comes out in three days and I am terribly excited. Why would a writer with 28 novels to her credit be so thrilled? Because this time, I think I got it right. It’s like this… Some quarterbacks play and play and win some and lose some.... read more

Ghosts and Graveyards

So I am on a road trip through the southern states doing research for Darkness Descends and the Demon Within. OMG I have gained weight. Could it be the fried green tomatoes? The Buttermilk ice cream? The sweet tea I am chugging by the gallons? Savannah was... read more

Logos Review–A novel by John Neelemen

I must start off by saying that I was raised in a Fundamentalist Christian home, so I felt pretty confident that I would at least understand many of the religious concepts of this very ambitious novel. Why ambitious? Seriously? A first novel that’s a rom-com is one... read more

Life in the Fast Lane

Yeah I ride a Harley. It’s the only real time I can get out of my head. Why? Well, for starters, it’s $&*(@(*$ scary being on the same road as people who are texting, reading, shaving, and smoking. Then there are dogs, rabbits, roadrunners, and kids... read more

One life, many lives

So I had my past lives read when I was in my mid thirties. Last week, really. LOL. At the time, I believed in the paranormal, but I wasn’t really invested in it. So I put on a friend’s pink shirt, took off my rings and anything I thought might “give... read more


My dearest friend, Shelia Powell is a raging empath. No, really. She’s like Theresa Caputo. She talks to the dead. We became friends after she read More Than an Echo and thought that I had to be an empath because I nailed it. Spot on. Alas, I can barely read the... read more


I bought a home in Eugene, Oregon, a few years ago. I bought the first house I saw because it felt loved. It really did. The man, Charles, died in a boating accident, so the family sold the house and loved on. I had seen Charles several times over the course of 5... read more


Why are they amazing? Well…a little about your host: Alex Westmore has lived in a haunted house, has a raging empath for a best friend, and eats up paranormal experiences with a huge supernatural spoon. To get closer to the action, she has spent time with Voodun... read more