I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel at GCLS this year. She had horns, fangs, was…oh wait…I think we agreed to keep that part a secret. Anyway, we both write demon books, not because we are, but because there is something uber sexy about a woman who will risk her life in the fighting of them. She has sexy down pat in this sequel to The Demon Abraxas. In this twisting and turning adventure we get a chance to know witch, Sabel Young and Ana Khoury, who is possessed by Abraxas, a demon who is a bit bossy, opinionated, and very powerful.

As someone who writes in this genre, I am very particular about the research done in regards to possessions, demons, and witches, and I can safely say that Calish has done her job well in taking what we think we know and creating viable and realistic characters and weaving them into a plot that is fast-paced and entertaining. Her world building skills are excellent, so if you are a reader who wants to fall into the magical realm, Calish has written a series that propels the reader into the magical, the mystical, and the mystery that is the demonic world.

Whether or not I had met her in person, I’d be giving this 5 stars because her demonology,witchcraft, and world building knowledge are outstanding and THAT is what I am looking for whenever I pick up books in this genre. From one demon writer to another, I say “Bravo, Rachel! Carry on!”