So I am on a road trip through the southern states doing research for Darkness Descends and the Demon Within.

OMG I have gained weight. Could it be the fried green tomatoes? The Buttermilk ice cream? The sweet tea I am chugging by the gallons?

Savannah was simply…amazing.

But that’s not strange. It’s old. It’s historic. It’s haunted.


I’ve never been here before and yet, as I walked along the sidewalks of Forsyth Park, I saw EVERY place I’d written about.

Go ahead…think I’m nuts, but I’ve never been here before and I fricken NAILED it. As I walked and walked, I kept seeing all of the places, the buildings, the trees, soooo many things I had never seen before.

No, not De Ja Vu.

Something deeper.

I’ve lived here before. The images I wrote about that I thought were only fiction are real. I don’t mean kind of like a house…I mean, photographically the same.

So, did I stand in front of Golden Silver’s house and stare up at the windows for 30 minutes straight hoping to see Rush?

I’ll never admit that.