Yeah I ride a Harley.
It’s the only real time I can get out of my head.
Well, for starters, it’s $&*(@(*$ scary being on the same road as people who are texting, reading, shaving, and smoking.
Then there are dogs, rabbits, roadrunners, and kids who run into the street.
Potholes, speed bumps, crappy roads.
Red light jumpers, stop sign cruisers, speeders.
So when I am on the bike I have to FOCUS IN.
I cannot day dream.
I cannot think about the next book or plot or character.
I have to be present. Me and the bike are one.
That’s not to say my subconscious isn’t churning away.
Of course it is.
But I am never more awake nor more present than when the wind is in my face and the bugs are splattered against my sunglasses.
Being present.
Are you present in YOUR life?
Let the good times roll.