So I had my past lives read when I was in my mid thirties. Last week, really. LOL. At the time, I believed in the paranormal, but I wasn’t really invested in it. So I put on a friend’s pink shirt, took off my rings and anything I thought might “give me away.” Off we went.
The medium, let’s call her Ivy, said I was either a firefighter or a cop. (I had been the latter).
I blinked.
She said, “I know this because you have lived 83 lives. and you typically choose professions where you change or save lives.”
I blinked again. “Ummmm.does that mean that I die young?”
She nodded. “Most of the time, yes.”
I was secretly glad I was no longer a cop.
Anyway, Ivy nailed a lot of other things as well.
But I wasn’t satisfied.
So I went to a different city in a different state and saw someone else. Let’s call her Violet.
Violet said, “You’ve lived 85 lives because you have a super hero complex and believe you can change or save the world.
Never mind the super hero complex.
One said 83, and the other 85?
Okay, I was paying attention now.
Both said I came from Germany (I am fluent and took 5 years of it in high school because it came so easily to me)
Both said they saw some sort of Viking woman with a sword. (I have that tattoo on my back…but neither ever saw it)
Both said I hated the circus because I died in an act there. (One said I was dropped from the trapeze by a partner).
Both knew I was a. left handed b. Aquarian. c. Writer

When I walked away from the second one, I was a believer.
Are there shysters out there?
Of course.
But 83 and 85 gave me pause.
One life, many lives, and I’m still here to talk about it!