When Quinn Gallagher’s childhood friend is abducted from a dock in Ireland, she’ll do whatever it takes to come to the rescue—even if that means dressing as a man and joining the crew of one of the most notorious pirate captains the world has ever seen.

Quinn soon finds there is much to enjoy living as a man, in particular the company of other women. When she finds herself falling hard for Lady Fiona, a woman far above her own station, she is torn between revealing her true identity and continuing the façade of being a male pirate. Love is never easy, especially in the sixteenth century and especially under false pretenses.

Can Quinn live with one foot in two different worlds, or must she consign herself to either the lusty life of a pirate or the loveless life of a noble woman? Come sail the high seas in this exciting and erotic adventure with the fierce pirate Gallagher as your guide. You’re in for a wild ride and may even score some booty along the way.



A mysterious castaway… A deluge of strange sorcery… A warped love triangle… Captains Hook and Callaghan like you’ve never seen either of them before… Welcome to Much Ado about Pirates!

When a beautiful castaway called Belle falls from the sky and transforms the decks of the Malendroke into a mystical forest, Quinn and her crew know they are in for a whole new world of trouble. But it is first mate James who proves most at risk, quickly falling head-over-heels under their new passenger’s spell.

Soon the merry crew of the Malendroke find themselves caught in the middle of a feud between warring faerie courts, and James finds himself at odds with a tribe of savage youth who have taken to the forest to escape the persecution of the church. The tribe’s leader—neither male nor female, known only as Pan—is the most savage of all the warring parties and absolutely hell-bent on keeping Belle confined to the forest for eternity.

With fairies, magic, pirates, and more, this new chapter of the Plundered Chronicles shows Quinn and her crew like you’ve never, never seen them before.


Sayyida, variously known as a pirate queen, Queen of the Western Seas, or Queen of Tétouan was a REAL and HISTORICAL figure, but not much is known of her.

Sayyida married young, just sixteen, at the insistence of her father. Her first husband was thirty years older and a friend of her father’s. Al-Mandri sensed his bride’s intelligence and taught her about his business affairs and diplomacy. Together, the couple rebuilt Tétouan, which had been destroyed by the Reconquista, and when her husband died in 1515, she became the Governor or Queen of Tétouan in her own right.

Later, Sayyida was pursued by the King of Fes, Ahmed al-Wattsi, and accepted his marriage proposal, but on her terms: he had to travel to her kingdom to marry her, not the other way around.

Sayyida’s love of the high seas and her appetite for battle and conquest often clash with her duties as wife, mother, and queen. As hardworking as she is, Sayyida feels an emptiness in her life. Will Aya, her new slave, silence this longing? Join us as this fictional version of a real woman takes you into her world and captures your heart….


Catalina de la Corona, the former Pirate Princess of the Seven Seas, has lived an unnaturally long life due to a terrible curse. Hiding in plain sight as an investment banker, she waits for the end of eternity and the death she has rightfully earned.

When a rich client’s fascination with a long dead pirate queen threatens to exhume the watery grave of Catalina’s lost captain and crew, she must take up arms against friends and enemies alike to protect her captain’s legacy. Should the Calico’s sunken ruins be discovered, the House Lost at Sea and its unknown treasures will be plundered, revealing the secret of Catalina’s immortality, guaranteeing she’ll lose the most precious treasure of all: her freedom.


Gertie is captain of the Bartholomew Black, the only time travel vessel on the open sea. Its ability to predict the future and re-write the past turns a quick profit.

But when Butch the Terrible kidnaps a member of her crew, Gertie finds herself going back to steal time to extend Butch’s life—in a barter for her freedom.

When the ship comes under attack, the Bartholomew Black fights for survival. Injured and isolated, Gertie is stranded without her crew—and without her ship—and a young woman with a tenacious spirit tends to Gertie’s wounds.

Gertie is supposed to steal time from this kind-hearted soul woman and render her unremarkable life forfeit, but what happens when an unremarkable becomes your remarkable?


The privateer Elizabeth and its crew have found the ultimate pay-day. A hidden vault, deep in the ruins of New Austin on Luna. Braving the Grecians who prowl space near Earth, they descend deep into the moon to find a treasure greater than they had ever imagined.
But their escape will not be easy, and when Captain Althea makes the call to jump to faster-than-light travel, one of the artifacts they found activates and rips the Elizabeth from its place in space and time.
Quinn is just minding her own business—which means fighting the English and protecting Ireland from Queen Elizabeth’s greedy cronies. But this night things aren’t going so well. The English have attacked Blackrock Castle, and Quinn is fighting for her life to defend it, along with a woman she just met, Lady Fiona.
That night, Quinn and Fiona would have both died, if not for the aid of a mysterious stranger with weapons and armor like none they had ever seen before.
If you love Quinn and her adventures aboard Grace O’Malley’s ship, then you’ll love this peek at what really happened that night at Blackrock Castle and how Quinn’s actions shaped the world we live in today.


Dylan isn’t going to let his ex-fiancé’s issues stop him from going on his honeymoon, but he gets a lot more on this trip to Spain than he anticipated. Tossed overboard while on a romantic cruise, Dylan suddenly finds himself two hundred and fifty years in the past and picked up by ship of Barbary pirates.
Salim al-Mandri, who sails the ocean preying on the ships trying to do business with Spain and Portugal, is shocked to find an oddly dressed American fished out of the ocean by a couple of his men. Even more surprising is his attraction to the strange man.
Can a relationship between a 21st century pediatrician and an 18th century pirate actually work?


When Gwen decides to take the boat out that morning, she never thought in a million years that she’d be kidnapped by pirates. All she had wanted was a quiet day on the water with her boyfriend, Alex, but things went south when she turned down his proposal. And, the darken skies should have made her think twice about leaving, but she was rebellious and never listened to anyone. She can’t see one foot in front of her when she spots lights. It’s another boat and when she gets on board all she wants is someone to guide her home. She doesn’t expect to be kidnapped, almost assaulted or start to fall for one of the pirates.

When Quinn Gallagher sets eyes on Gwen, she sees a kindred soul and starts to fall for her. She tries to convince her to stay on the ship, but Gwen protests, but she secretly wonders what if? Spending her days cooking for the men and nights with Quinn. Could she really leave Alex and their life together? Yes. But, not for Quinn. Gwen has a secret that she hasn’t told Alex. She’s in love with someone else….a woman named Sarah and will do anything to get back to her.

It’s love or pirates in Shipwrecked by Kathryn Hickle.


In a world where man has stolen the power of the gods, a young woman comes back to life to find that the oldest of crimes never dies, and is never forgiven.

Jonelise reawakens to a foreign, yet familiar world with one goal burning inside her. Now if only she knew what it was.

Her determination will guide her along a treacherous path confounded by the threat of pirates, superstition, and the pervasive rule of a distant empire. Can she recover her lost sense of self and redefine her own identity while fate pushes her headlong into a conflict with a mass murderer—and a fight she already fought years ago and lost?

Jonelise has only one chance to rewrite her destiny, and that hope lies in the friends she makes along the way. That is, if she can even trust her own allies, one of whom may not even be real and all of whom have something to hide…


Captain Riven Grimrock of the good ship Rattledower was doing well for herself. She had a fine ship with the best crew in the lands, and the loveliest lass on her arm. The sea was fair, the wind in her favor, and the hold runneth over with the spoils of their brave exploits. But everyone has to sleep some time.

Outside the virtual fantasy world of Morana Ba’nile, Riv is just another jacker. One of the masses of desperately poor, struggling to survive in the shadows of the wealthy few. Everyone she knows, and everyone she’s ever known is just like her. The wealthy few have their towers, and the poor have their runoff beneath the grates of the upper streets.

Down in the Mire, the only thing worth living for is the one thing you can never have: escape.

That’s why the elite created Eternal Beyond, the hit fantasy cyber-reality game played by millions of jackers every single day. After all, no one can jack out of reality, but with Eternal Beyond, you can jack into a better one.

But Riv isn’t just any player, and “Ebb” isn’t just any game.

When Riv gets an offer for the score of a lifetime, she leaps into action with her IRL crew—a merry band of hackers of myriad specialties—to pull off the heist of the century. All they have to do is hack an unhackable system by breaking into an unreachable virtual space, and acquire information designed so that no chip or neural could hold it. If they succeed, they could buy their way out of the Mire, but if they fail, the system will fry their brains in their skulls.

No pressure.

And the only way into the system…
…is to play the game.


Captain Annabel Skyblade commands the Peregrine, the most feared pirate airship to sail the skies of Aldarre, plundering the rich and powerful. The rulers of the sky realms have had enough of her, and the kingdom of Cerindel has enlisted top Navy intelligence agent Victorie Brassfeld to capture the pirate, using a lure too strong to resist – a valuable, beautiful sapphire amulet.

But the amulet hides a great secret, and when it is stolen by sinister forces, Annabel and Victorie must join together to retrieve it. And as they face danger and adventure, they also have to face their feelings for each other, feelings they have never had before, when they discover…

Hearts can be stolen too.


Things change in a blink of an eye and you will need to rise through the inferno…

Instinct leads Darius Gallagher to the captain of their ship as he was about to cause the death of most of his crew and they dealt with it. Now they have no captain and the crew is looking to him for leadership. He was content to be part of the revelry, pillaging and plundering and didn’t want to be captain of any space pirate. A captain had to be good at planning and handle issues that arose from having a crew of aliens, other beings and humans. But…revelations make him consider and now they had to rescue the rest of the crew from another space pirate. If that wasn’t bad enough he was fascinated by the one man on the crew that—although he was respected—was also feared. He should avoid him yet…Darius wasn’t one to walk away from anything.

Heller revealed some of his secrets to contain the situation with their previous captain. Now the crew was further at risk as they headed to retrieve their crew mates. Darius might deny he was going to be their captain. They needed a leader to restore their fate of each other. The crew mate by your side meant the difference between success or death. Heller knew Darius finally saw him as intriguing. Heller wasn’t about to let the opportunity past. They would face getting the rest of their crew back as well as what may come between him and Darius. No matter what happened it would change them all—the crew, Darius and Heller.

When adventure calls it’ll take them through an …Inferno.


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