thinpaperback_795x1003So, if you are one of the smartest ones, you signed up for my newsletter and will be receiving a free story from me. Now, it’s been forever since I wrote a short story, but I had soooo damn much fun with Murphy aka Umbra Mortis that I recently finished the first in The Handler Series.

Then I wrote a second installment called Dead Again.
I tried to ignore her.
Really I did.
But she is so funny. So irreverent. She is a delight and a departure from my usual characters.
A departure?
Wasn’t moving to Palm Springs, getting a new publisher, new friends, and a new life a departure?
Why yes.
And it is exciting.
All of it.
Murphy is a departure because the series, while supernatural and paranormal will be lighter. Fun. Thought-provoking, and hopeful. It will not be demonic, zombie-ish, or anything like that…but it WILL be deeply supernatural with lots of really great characters.
Soooo…if you’ve not signed up for the free story…please do so.
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You’ll be glad you did when Murphy O’Connor hits the literary scene.