of celebrating a book launch.

I imagine it is like having a child.

Yes, that first one is special, but aren’t they all?

And when you breathe life into them and they come to life, they are, at that moment, the epicenter of your universe.

That’s how I feel today with the launch of Darkness Descends.

I know that my work is going to hit more readers, be read by a variety of people, and touch more hearts than ever before, and THAT, my friends, is very exciting.


Because we are all born with a gift to give the world. Some of us never find out what it is. But for those of us who have, let me tell you, there is no greater feeling than giving it away.


I touch lives.

As a teacher.

As a writer.

As a friend, lover, partner, sister, tennis player, Harley rider, dog owner, and fool.

So I hope you enjoy opening my gift to you.

It is just the first of many more to come.